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Become a Certified Yoga Teacher in only 26 days!

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With our certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Brussels, Belgium


Are you looking for a:

  • challenging and unique experience?
  • chance to enrich your yoga practice by improving and deepening your understanding of yoga further than you ever thought possible?
  • great way to experience the many benefits of the Yogic Lifestyle?
  • professional and recognized Hatha Yoga Teacher Training that doesn’t take years but gives you the possibility to teach immediately as a worldwide certified Yoga Teacher?

Can you answer at least one of these questions with a YES!? Then the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training of NewNature Academy is just the right thing for you!

What to expect of our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

The 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training courses provided by NewNature Academy are 4-week intensive crash courses on how to become a worldwide certified classical Hatha Yoga teacher. You will be taught the yogic way of living in the broadest sense possible, 6 days a week with one day of rest.

Why 4 consecutive weeks?

During this intensive crash course you will be eating, sleeping and breathing yoga. This is not just a weekend course that you will be tending every other week. Our Hatha Yoga TTC is a serious, no-nonsense way to truly grasp the meaning of what it actually means to be a certified Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher.

We can try to convince you of why it is all possible, but instead we challenge you to experience it for yourself. Some things simply cannot be measured into words.

What do we offer?

  • Daily practice of yoga asana, meditation and pranayama so you can expand your awareness and build your own solid yoga practice.
  • We will practice more than 170 Classical Hatha Yoga asanas.
  • You will specialize in and get a detailed understanding of the core 20 of the 170 asanas, plus the Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation.
  • You will learn how to professionally correct someone’s practice in a safe and responsible manner. The corrections are designed to eliminate overly touching and grabbing but focus on quick, professional and efficient correction techniques. This will lift your lessons to a whole new and unique level because your students will immediately sense your motives, which are: bringing the best out of each and every student attending your classes.
  • You will learn different variations and modifications for each asana, which will make sure that no one in your classes feels left out. People with disabilities and injuries will play an equal part in your classes as the rest and will feel right at home in your studio.
  • Having a solid foundation is crucial in every aspect of life. We will start with the basic principles of anatomy and philosophy so that the foundation of your knowledge about these subjects is solid. After that, you can safely and correctly build on that foundation to specialize further in those areas. 
  • The anatomy section of this course will provide you with the understanding of the principles and structures of every asana. As you will understand the working of the asanas, you will also get an understanding of how a little tweak can make a huge difference.
  • One of the main and most important aspects of yoga is correct breathing. Controlling the breath will guide you further into a deep and meaningful practice. NewNature Academy provides a unique training in ‘How to breath correctly at any time’. Not just with yoga, but we focus on breathing correctly all the time. Breathing improperly has been linked to so many illnesses/conditions that we aim for all of our students to be aware of proper breathing. We achieve this by offering exclusive breathing techniques only provided at Conservatoriums. We combine these techniques with proper yoga breathing so that you can apply it in your everyday life.
  • Back to the roots. During this epic journey we will go back to the very origin of Yoga and its philosophy. NewNature Academy will teach this ancient philosophy/tradition as it was intended and established from the beginning. However, we will also challenge you to think further on how to apply this in your own, very different modern life. Is it even applicable? We will have philosophical group discussions during which everybody can express their thoughts and ideas freely.
  • We will also teach you step by step how to successfully open your own studio. Topics such as; where to begin, what are the traps, tips and tricks to stand out and many more important subjects will be treated, so that you can safely and confidently embark on your yoga teaching adventure.
  • Personal guidance, during and post course. After successfully completing the course we will keep you updated on yoga related items, refreshers courses and much more. We are also always available for any question you might have after completing the training.
  • NewNature Academy is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. After you have successfully completed our course you will receive a certificate which will allow you to register as an internationally recognized Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).

What sets us apart from the rest?

  • We offer a clear and simple, down to earth approach of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy. The background of Yoga and the very origin will be taught without alterations and we will relate this to the 21st century. How can we successfully integrate this powerful philosophy in our modern day lives? How can we turn the theory into practical tools to create more balance and awareness?
  • This program is so carefully put together that it allows you to leap bigger steps forward than you would have ever imagined before. This 4 week journey is going to challenge you in every aspect of your being. It is going to push out of your comfort zone and allow you to grow personally and spiritually.
  • You will be practicing asana, meditation and pranayama on a daily basis so you can put together your own practice to benefit your personal needs entirely. Once you feel and experience the benefits for yourself, you can safely begin to teach and benefit others and be the reason why so many people go by their day with a big smile on their face.
  • The course is assembled in a way that you are forced to step out of the hectic and always rushing life, so you can focus solely on the very thing that will bring you ever lasting solitude. It will be challenging to make such a switch, but we are there to guide you throughout the whole course. Always feel free to share your thoughts, difficulties and your experiences so that we can make this adventure as comfortable as possible. No one walks alone at NewNature Academy.
  • We will guarantee that everybody will be evaluated personally. Personal guidance is on the top of our priority list. We work with a limited number of students per group, so that we can guarantee that each individual is guided personally.
  • The classes are taught by Yoga Alliance certified professional teachers. The lead teacher is Dorien Bortels, who has more than 14 years of yoga experience in her backpack and has over 5 years of experience with Teacher Training Courses in the Netherlands and India. Over the years she has specialized in the field of recovery massage therapy and breathing techniques among a variety of other things. One of the core items in our courses is breathing properly and we will spend numerous hours on how to achieve this.
  • All of our courses are Yoga Alliance certified and comply with the highest standards. After successfully completing the course, you will be granted a globally recognized NewNature Academy Teacher Training Course Certificate. With that certificate in hand you can register as a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and teach anywhere in the world. NewNature Academy is also CRKBO registered in the Netherlands. Which means that our courses comply with the standards of the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science and is also recognized by them.
  • Our service does not stop after you successfully complete the course. We will keep you updated on a variety of subjects related to yoga and we will also assist you in your adventure to start your own Yoga Studio.


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Who can follow the NewNature Academy Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course starts at all entry levels. Which means you can join the course even if you have never taken a yoga class before (though that is recommended of course). Or maybe you have been practicing or even teaching yoga for a while and you are looking for some meaningful deepening in all aspects of yoga, in order to take your yoga practice or classes to a whole new level. Then too you are at the right place. As we mentioned before, a solid foundation is crucial. Therefore, we will start at the bare basics and work our way up to the summit.

There are some requirements that have to be met given the intensity of our courses:

Please note that this is not a Yoga retreat. Therefore, there are some boxes you have to tick before being able to join our 200 hour yoga training.

You must be physically and mentally in good shape. If you doubt whether or not you are in good shape, please contact us. We will help you in your decision, based on the information you provide us. Or you can always ask your physician.

If you are pregnant, please contact us regarding the possibilities. In some cases it is possible to participate in the course during pregnancy.

As mentioned, the NewNature Academy 200 hour yoga teacher training is not a retreat or a simple course to pass the time. This is an intensive crash course of 4 weeks which will require discipline, motivation and an eagerness to learn among other things. This is indispensable to successfully complete the course.

The classes are taught in English. Basic knowledge of English is required. The teachers speak Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Turkish and basic German, so we can always help you out. English however is the main language of our course.

Meet the lead e-RYT 500 teacher: Dorien Bortels

Meet the lead E-RYT 500 teacher

Dorien Bortels yoga docent teacher

NewNature Academy’s lead teacher is Dorien Bortels (E-RYT 500) with more than 3000 hours of teaching experience with TTC. She started her education at Arhanta Yoga by successfully completing the Hatha Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training course. After that, she expanded her knowledge on ‘How to Teach’ by successfully completing the 300 hour experienced Teacher Training course in India. Still hungry for more, she continued to expand her knowledge even further in a variety of Yoga related essentials E-RYT500 yoga alliance certificationsuch as anatomy, physiology, philosophy and proper breathing techniques. She is also a certified breathing coach and an alumnus of the Wellness Academy based in Hasselt (Belgium) where she completed the Recovery Massage Therapy course. It is her goal to continue to broaden her expertise, and therefore she takes numerous of other workshops and courses throughout the year.

From 2014 until 2018 she worked as one of the lead teachers at Arhanta Yoga in the Netherlands and at their ashram in India. This allowed her to completely devote her time and focus on how to give the highest quality of teachings possible. After that, she wanted to put all her knowledge to good use and help people experience the many benefits of a regular yoga practice. So she opened a successful yoga studio. Which had only in its first year more than 100 students weekly (and this in a very small village).

After two years of running NewNature Yoga Studio, it was time for a whole new challenge. It was time to tackle the problems we had been facing over and over again by its core. How could we achieve that? By giving TTC’s the way the monks intended Yoga to be taught 4000 years ago. That is why NewNature Academy was created: to teach yoga, yogic lifestyle and its philosophy the way it was intended 4000 years ago. And how to incorporate it in our very different modern lives.

How students have experienced Dorien’s classes:

“I think Dorien is an amazing teacher, because I have learned a lot from her in a relatively short period of time. She has a skill to explain clearly and to correct in a way that I felt safe and confident to try out more advanced poses. I value her very highly as a teacher.” Markie

“I have followed Dorien’s classes during my yoga teacher training, and each class was amazing. She has a very thorough knowledge of the poses and explains everything very clearly. Each class is different and never gets boring. After every class I felt better in my body, mind and soul.” Shikha

“Dorien was my asana teacher during my yoga teacher training course and I have learned a lot from her. To me she is a highly qualified teacher.” Sander

Read more reviews about Dorien her classes at Yogatrail.

Location of our 200 hour Hatha Teacher Training Course





Metro stop right across the venue (20 meters walking distance)



Daily Schedule

Our four-week intensive 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course consists of 23 days of classes. Most of our courses starts on a Monday and end on a Saturday. Sunday is a day of rest.

Some courses start on a Wednesday. During these courses, the first week ends on a Saturday. After the first week it will go according to the normal schedule; classes from Monday until Saturday with Sunday as a day of rest.

The daily schedule is as followed:

08:00 – 09:00

Morning Satsang (meditation, pranayama, chanting and vocal training)

09:00– 12:00

How To Teach

12:00– 13:00

Lunch break

13:00 – 14:30

Lecture (philosophy, anatomy, theory)

14:45– 16:30

Asana practice

16:30– 17:30

Self study

17:30 – 18:30

Evening Satsang (meditation, pranayama, chanting and vocal training)


  • Students can use the sanitary facilities during the classes
  • On Saturdays, the classes will end at 3 PM
  • Sunday is a day off and is preferably used for study and rest

Click on the button below for a more detailed program overview of the 200 hour Teacher Training Course


Yoga Teacher training course Program


Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses take place in Brussels, Belgium

See below for the dates of the upcoming courses:


Monday June 1st – Friday June 26th 2020


Monday July 6th – Friday July 31st 2020


Wednesday August 5th – Monday August 31st 2020


Monday September 7th – Friday October 2nd 2020


Wednesday October 14th – Monday November 9th 2020


Monday November 23rd – Friday December 18th 2020



Cost of the course

Keeping the cost low for our students

We keep the quality of our courses as high as possible and the costs to organize them as low as we can. We aim to give everybody the opportunity to benefit from this life changing and epic journey. We keep our venue basic, as it is intended, but more than comfortable for our students. You will not come short of anything while you will appreciate the minimalism.

Totale costs for our 200 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course 1499,- Euro*

*The price includes the following:

  • All classes
  • NewNature Academy Teacher Training Course Manual and other handouts
  • 2 t-shirts
  • Herbal Tea
  • All exams during the course
  • Internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Certificate after successfully completing the courses
  • Lifelong post-course support

What should you bring to the training:

  • Food for the day (we provide a refrigerator and a microwave)
  • Your personal yoga attributes such as: a yoga mat, yoga cushion(s) and a blanket
  • Writing material

Register for our 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

To join NewNature Academy’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses, please completely fill out our Application Form and send it in its original format to info@nnyogics.nl.



The application process is as followed:


  • First, completely fill out the Application Form and send it in its original format to info@nnyogics.nl
  • We will evaluate your application and within 2 business days you will receive a confirmation (if you didn’t receive a confirmation within 2 business days, please contact us immediately)
  • After your application is accepted, you will be asked to deposit the €200,- Reservation Fee within two business days. Once the deposit is received, you will receive the reading suggestion list, more detailed information about the course and further information about completing your application.
  • The remaining fees must be met 8 weeks before the start of the course. Paying in installments is possible. Please contact us for the possibilities.

* Payment details will be provided after your application is approved.
*After the application is confirmed you will receive the reading list suggestions and an overview of what to bring to the course.



Do not hesitate to contact us

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